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  • SleepTalk® Level 2 The Bridge

    Consultation Coverage: Corrects poor habits Address & Correct Separation Anxiety Address and Correct Temper Tantrums Address & Correct Sibling Rivalry Weekly follow up duration 3 weeks via Whatapp or Email Session Timing: 45 minutes

  • SleepTalk® Consulting

    Consultation Coverage: What is SleepTalk®? Joanne Goulding’s Story How does SleepTalk® Process work? Top Hat Theory How does SleepTalk® assist your family and children?

  • SleepTalk® Level 3 Customized Statements

    Consultation Coverage: Understanding and Addressing.. Behavioral & Development disorders (i.e. Speech, Sleeping, Toileting or Eating) Ideal for children on the spectrum ODD – ADHD – OCD Session Timing: 45 minutes

  • SleepTalk® Level 1 Foundation

    Consultation Coverage: Level 1 Assessment of the Child Explanation of the process of doing SleepTalk® Improves Child’s Anxiety, Self Esteem, Confidence, Happiness Weekly follow up duration 4 to 5 weeks by Whatsapp or Email. Session Timing: 1 Hour

  • Building Personal Resilience

    The HeartMath Building Personal Resilience™ program is a focused and practical program, combining personalized coaching or mentoring with scientifically validated tools to help you self-regulate your body’s response to stress and build resilience. You will learn life-long skills you can use any time to increase wellbeing, personal and professional performance and quality of life experience. Coaching Timeline Building Personal Resilience sessions will be over period of 6 to 8 weeks depending upon your assessment by the HeartMath® Mentor / Coach. Session Duration each week 45min to 1 hour each week for 6 weeks Benefits After their program, people report reduced: • Worry, overwhelm and feelings of anxiousness • Sleeplessness and fatigue • Generalized stress and physical Symptoms of stress • Miscommunication What you will gain: • More resilience and vitality • Overall sense of well-being • Mental clarity and focus • Improved relationships • Increased composure in challenging situations • More effective communications • Better cooperation among co-workers and team member Testimonials “I have more energy. I’m more relaxed. Being a single mom of 3 children, I forgot to take care of me. That has changed completely and the dynamics of my family is so much healthier.” --- Victoria V “I must say, too, that the benefit for me is valuable beyond silver and gold. It is not only right up my alley... but implementing it for MYSELF ripples out into so many beneficial areas of my life. This, to me, is priceless. There is such a great need out there for HeartMath.” --- Libby T

  • Manifest with Vision Board

    What is a vision board? They have many names vision/mood board, goal/dream boards. They are a very powerful tool to help you connect with yourself and motivate you to take your life to the next level. Focusing on intentions you want to create in your life; what you want, need, value, how you want to feel, what you want to see, do or experience. Who are they good for? Anyone! Goal setters. Dreamers. Visionaries. And even non-creatives. Anyone willing to take a little time out of their busy schedule to create space for creativity and clarity. We’re not asking you to create a fine art masterpiece here. 🙂 Vision boards have been known to be more powerful than just writing down your goals on paper. Visualization is the formation of a mental image of something, and the more you bring these visions into your imagination and FEEL the emotion behind it, the faster you align your energy with what you’re wanting to attract into your life. (We’re talking Law of Attraction stuff here.) We shall help you smudge out the Negative energy and create an overwhelming experience for you and help you manifest your dreams and goals by creating a vision board or vision scrap book personalized for you which upon completion will be couriered to you. “Dreams won’t work unless you do.” - John C. Maxwell

  • Charm Casting

    Let me take you through your life journey using an ancient technique and predict the pattern in which you will visualize, where the power within you lies to focus your energies on in order to reach the goals you have desired to achieve.

  • Healings

    Scope shall differ from person to person and I shall address the following areas depending on your reading and counselling session... Removal of Energy Blocks Focus Building Concentration Improvement Career Boost Removal of Brain Fog Chakra Balancing Aura Cleansing Chord Cutting Psychic Shielding and Protection Relationship Healing Stress/ Pressure Removal Positive Thinking Enhancement of Self Love Individual Chakra Healings (Reading will be included in this) Healing sessions will be over period of 2 weeks. Benefits: Feeling happier, rejuvenated, optimistic and relaxed

  • Readings

    Psychic Reading will be done Based on your full name and a clear profile picture (without sunglasses). Aneesha channels the messages in the form of automatic dictation from your spirit guides and angels. A detailed reading will be shared over a call with all the queries answered. You will also receive an email of the reading.

  • Addiction Removal

    The hurdles and distresses tend to make humans prisoners of substances, pills, cravings and alcohol. Few hours of pleasure that take a lifetime toll on our physical and mental health is not worth it. In Addiction Removals, Aneesha works with Ascended Masters in order to control the bad habits that are controlling your life. These healings happen in a spiritual realm whilst making a difference to you physically. It’s the best to live less out of habit and more out of intent. “You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.”- Carl Jung Healing sessions will be over period of 3 weeks. Benefits: Less urges or giving up, healthier lifestyle and more self control

  • Subconscious Healings

    Life can be hard holding onto certain belief systems that no longer serve us. They just end up being our own barriers to move forward towards things that are meant for us. Few people say subconscious mind is a dangerous thing. However, I say that it’s the most wondrous thing if we tap it’s potential well. “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. “- Carl Jung In subconscious healings, Aneesha extracts your unwanted thoughts that pull you down, childhood issues, relationship hurts and work issues. The results will help you have a storehouse of beautiful thoughts, emotions and memories. Healing sessions will be over period of 3 weeks. Benefits: Confidence, Self Esteem, Power and Focus Enhancement

  • Anxiety & Depression Healings

    Scope: Extraction of Anxiety and Depression/ Trauma Removal Filling in with positive energies On-going counselling with Mind Exercises Healing sessions will be over period of 3 weeks. Depression is Real. Anxiety is real . You cannot live with it. Feed your soul with nurturing the way you feed your empty stomach. It’s called self care. Talk to your loved ones. You are loved from different sources always. Be kind with your words; you don’t know the mental health of someone. Stop hurting people intentionally... especially the ones you love and have done so much for you. Seek professional help if you are unable to find answers. I am here for anyone who wants to talk or get healed. Depression is fore bemoaned moans like in Shakespeare sonnets. Depression is being color blind and constantly being told how colorful the world is. Anxiety is living constantly in future! You are safe! Universe protects you always! Sometimes the worst place you can be is your own mind.

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