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Pattern Logic Advance

Pattern Logic Advance


NerdNerdy® Pattern Logico (Basic)


  • PUZZLE GAME FROM NEW WAVE: Say goodbye to boredom and challenge your mind and each other with this family-fun puzzle game! 
  • INTERACTION TOY PATTERN MATCHING GAME: Colorful wooden cubes and  challenges make this speed game the perfect addition to any game collection. It’s a head-to-head puzzle game that combines the strategy of the Puzzle Building Cubes. How fast can you match the pattern on a card with your own colored Cubes? 
  • PUZZLE BUILDING CUBES GAME: It’s a race to see who can make a pattern first. Tensions rise as you scramble to outpace and outsmart your opponents in this ingenious game of perception. So fire up your neurons and be transported by a match game!
  • FOR FAST THINKERS: Challenging enough for beginners. Teaches young players Visual spatial skills, early strategy and problem solving skills. Sharpen the strategic thinking of older players; a great game to stretch and train the brain.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS: Perfect for Ages 3.5 and up. It's an excellent starter game for your child’s development. Combining education and fun, NerdNerdy Pattern Logico (Basic) -brain games are ideal for Birthdays, Christmas etc. Your kids will love this challenging smart game. Kids playing alone, or with family or friends. Alternative to computer, mobile, iPad, TV.
Launching by December 2023
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