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Evaluation Tools

NerdNerdy® has developed a technology tool to empower professionals working with children with Special Needs.

NerdNerdy® technology tools provide an end to end solution, from screening to assessment, the development of an individualized education plan (IEP), customized intervention resources, online training modules, progress tracking and standard report generation.

Get Help Teaching Special Needs Students
Generate IEP reports for children and give parents access to reports. Automatic mapping of products with reports Training Videos as teaching aid for therapists and institutions and even parents.

Registration & Subscription to the Software Launching soon for Malaysia...

Single Screening Tool for Pediatricians and Healthcare Professionals for Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Pediatricians and other healthcare professionals are the first point of contact for any parent; therefore it is imperative that they are equipped to screen children who may be at risk of neurodevelopmental disorder.Currently, there is no tool to screen all the neurodevelopmental disorders in one screening scale thus, each disorder has to be screened separately using a specific screening scale for a particular disorder. NerdNerdy's unique technology tool addresses this issue through a single screening scale for over 10 neurodevelopmental disorders.

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IEP Creator For Parents

Individualized approach according to each child's need.


A major hurdle that parents of special needs face is the lack of direction when it comes to intervention. Parents are not equipped with a well structured plan to monitor their child’s skill development.

NerdNerdy® has developed an easy to use application, where parents of children with neurodevelopmental disorders like Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy and more, can fill in a skill evaluation scale and automatically generate a professional IEP for their child.

Launching Soon...
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IEP Creator

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