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Toilet Training Kit

Toilet Training Kit


Toilet Training Kit/Step by Step Toileting Techniques for Children with Developmental Delays/ potty training visual cards for autism /bathroom training kid for autism kid /Autism/Sensory/Excellent Kit for Therapy Centers/Home use/Occupational therapists/smart book for kids autism/iq games/aba therapy materials


  • Restroom Community Sign: Great way to teach children about washroom signs (girls and boys). This will help the child find the bathrooms easily in different premises. You can also label the specific areas in your bathrooms for daily use.
  • Toilet Training Data Sheets and marker: This includes a scatterplot data sheet to track general toileting times and specific data sheets to match the phases. All data sheets include instructions for use and have been simplified to ensure the parents' attention remains with their child! An additional reinforcement chart has also been included.
  • Visual cards (toileting and handwashing): Includes visual task analysis each for toileting (girl and boy) and handwashing. This comes with a wooden baseboard and two multipurpose velcroed strips. Use them in combination with the first and then board, the sequencing chart or structuring strips for visual aid and routine development.
  • Additional Material: Pee and Poop Stick Signs to help the child distinguish between the two and indicate their need. Pee target Stickers to assist the child in reducing mess. A set of two fidgets to help the child to stay longer in their seats during toilet training process.
  • The kit comes with a Training Module created by Rehab. Experts.It provides a detailed step by step guide to toilet train your child. It breaks down the entire process in phases, using easy to understand, jargon-free language.


Launching by December 2023
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