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WH Questions kit

WH Questions kit


NerdNerdy WH Questions Kit- Developed by Rehabilitation Experts for Autism therapy / speech therapy / Expressive language and comprehension / Special education / Occupational therapy / Language development / ABA therapy


  • AUTISM & SPEECH/COMMUNICATION DELAYS: The set of 'WH' Question booklets helps to develop Speech and Communication Expressive Language Skills in Children with Speech and language delays
  • VISUAL & TACTILE CUE: The set of booklets includes 'WH' Questions cards sets and correspondingly Answer cards with visual and tactile inputs . Thus helps in better comprehension of 'WH' questions by Children with diagnosis of Autism, speech and communication delays.
  • TRAINING VIDEO: Kindly scan the QR code to watch the tutorial for how to use the kit in multiple ways and develop receptive and expressive language skills.
  • CONTENT- Set of 6 Interactive 'WH' Question Booklets -
    1. What Question Basic.
    2. What Question Intermediate
    3. When Question.
    4. Where Question.
    5. How Question.
    6. Who Question
Launching by December 2023
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