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I am What I am!

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

So here is the thing; I come across a lot of worried mothers and fathers.

“My child doesn’t like doing what other children are doing? All his friends love swimming; mine gets nightmares at the thought of water. All his friends love messy play; mine doesn’t want to get his hands dirty. All his friends love loud noises; mine goes in a shell at the sound of loud noises. All his friends sleep properly; mine gets up every night.” And it’s on and on and on and on!

Why, please why do you compare? You always take pride in you being different; going on with slogans “I am what I am”. Then why is this child such a bother if he is being different.”

Discussions are done; maybe it is a therapy that is required. OCD, sensory disorder, and god knows what each problem becomes a disorder.

Yes! We don’t want to raise children with scare and phobias. We really need to teach them how to deal with anything world throws at us in a calmer way. Fears are just embedded in sub-conscious mind. Children react differently than adults. At Sleeptalk; we address these issues and help raise calmer and happier kids. We raise self-esteem and confidence to challenge all the problems that the universe throws at us.

Maybe it’s time to stop attaching yourself to stigmas. It’s time to get that change of not comparing your precious jewel to other jewels. Every child is unique. Sooner you realize, sooner they will deal with their anxieties.

It is what it is. Stop getting stressed over little things and look at a bigger picture. I guarantee you it will be all worth it in the end.

I don’t like beaches and I have a thing in getting dirty in the sand. A beach disorder maybe?

Until next time….

Remember: They are what they are!

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