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Learn to Accept or Live in Denial-Choice is Yours!

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Something seems off, I think there is a problem! Something is bothering me about my child. Surely, a lot of you face this. And if a thought like this comes to your mind; you are probably right. A mother or a father knows their child the most because they are an important part of you. Mother’s soul connection and heartbeat; a father’s pride and joy!

You know there’s a challenge that has cropped up. What do you do? Hush! Hush! Shh! Shh! Always a good thing to protect your child. But, are you doing anything about it?

Are you intervening? Are you accepting it beautifully and paving your way out of the issues that you as a family are facing? Or Are You living in denial that there is nothing wrong? You ponder and think where you fit in. Choice! Choice! Choose!

A positive outlook is “I will fight this situation and everything will be OK! It will get better because it has to.” A positive outlook isn’t “There is nothing wrong at all. It is ok.”The universe helps those who help themselves. Why leave a part of your soul to destiny and fate? It really is ok to reach out and get help. Do not attach any stigmas to it; you are finding answers to your own problems. If you don’t now, why wait till it’s too late?

Don’t shout it to the world your issues but you accept it gracefully. That is the first stage of you transforming the situation. That situation is in your control now. So, what is it that can’t be achieved? You build dreams, hopes and aspirations around your child. Maybe few times it is you who will help them achieve it. It is you only who can nurture it. But, first accept if there are any challenging behaviors. A child is your reflection. Show them you are there and you will help them with difficulty. They are the only ones you need to be around for. They are for you and you are for them. So, what has friends, peers or family pressure got to do?

It’s a see-saw world. If you don’t accept now; the world will tell you “How could you be so negligent?” Would that even be a worry then? It shouldn’t! You had a choice, you chose to leave it. On the other side, if you take corrective actions now; the world will applaud “How beautifully you took care of it all.” I call it The See-Saw Balance: You go down and they go up! They go down and you go up! But, only you can maintain that balance.

Think, think hard, think till you can’t think no more. Make that choice!

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