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A Child or a Perception of an Adult?

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

A thought has been brewing in my mind for the last few days. Every now and then, so on and so forth a lot of Mommies I know keep on grumbling about how their children are not acting their age. The grumbles, the rattles, the complaints, the disappointments! Let’s unveil who is a kvetch at this age.

A perfect day is when the alarm goes on and there are happy children who will obey everything you say. If even one thing goes against the regular routine; you lovely mommies have a good agenda in your coffee mornings. What a stressful morning it was?!

Maybe at times it is okay for things to not go as planned. Your pregnancy and your delivery never went as planned. So why does motherhood needs to go as planned? Enjoy the moments that are there. You won’t get them again and I ain’t Einstein to tell you that.

They are children, they are acting their age. If they weren’t you would have grown up people around you all the time.

You have been an amazing mother. But amazing parenting doesn’t come from raising perfect disciplined children. It is a part of it and if it’s not happening let it go. Perfection of parenthood comes from the love and trust our children bestow on us. Don’t think of them as the biggest responsibility of your life. Think of it as a mutual bond of trust and love that grows with so much of interest. They will always be your children who love you irrespective of the fact you hold such high expectations and perfection of them.

Their naughtiness or stubbornness or ill behavior is so much better than the hurt and anger adults cause. Because the difference is these children are innocent and the adults not so. So who has more intentions to frustrate you? Which one is not acting their age- a child who is doing unintentionally or an adult who is doing intentionally?

I know the feeling when things get tiring and when things go off but you just have to breathe in, have a sip of coffee and that big glass of wine.

The day will pass. If you are raising them, they are evolving you!

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