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Receptive Language Development Cards

Receptive Language Development Cards


NerdNerdy Receptive Language development cards/ 47 cards/Vocabulary of objects in and around home/speech development/preschool 3year old/daily living cards/daily objects/ receptive and expressive langauge development/ Speech development/ Autism/speech therapy/ABA therapy


  • TEACHING AID:This resource can be used to enhance expressive and receptive language skills, and building vocabulary.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: The set includes 47 Single sided colored pictures of different day to day items covering: household items, school items, clothes, self-care, food, and transportation.
  • SIZE- 5.7 inch by 4.1 inch
  • QUALITY- 300 gsm paper, both side laminated thus difficult to tear, water resistant, can write with dry erase marker
  • THERAPY: Can be used by speech therapist, occupational therapist, ABA therapist with children having communication delays
Launching by December 2023
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