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Picture Sequencing Booklet

Picture Sequencing Booklet


NerdNerdy Picture Sequencing Booklet, Abstract Reasoning skills, Expressive language, Speech Delay, useful for schools, therapy centers and home use, what's next cards, logical thinking activities for kids, story sequence cards for kids, IQ games, word flash cards for kids


TEACHING AID: NerdNerdy's products are hands on Teaching Aids. These are used by the parents, teachers and therapists to teach their children and students learn the concept in an easy and engaging way. Picture sequencing is widely used by parents and therapists with children with developmental delays. The resource helps to understand the order of actions to be carried out. To enhance expressive language and abstract expression.


Can be used by - Parents, Teachers, Therapists, Counselors, Special Educators, Learning Centre's, Schools


Includes: Write and wipe colored high grade laminated velcroed and printed sequence strips, laminated velcroed picture cutouts.

Launching by December 2023
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