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Emotions and Expressions Kit

Emotions and Expressions Kit


Nerd Nerdy - Emotions and Expressions- Useful for Social & Emotional Development, Helpful for Children on Autism Spectrum,Topic Card Communication Cards,Emotions kit for Kids


  • KEY FEATURE: colorful and beautifully illustrated Feelings and Emotions cards helps children to understand different emotions.
  • FUN AND EDUCATIONAL - Teaches kids emotional intelligence and empathy activities. Helps children to identify feelings, express emotions, decode body language and facial expression. Teaches mindfulness and social communication skills. Can be used in cognitive behavioral therapy for social-emotional learning, mindfulness, executive function and self-regulation
  • SUPPORTS DEVELOPMENTAL SKILLS - Improves emotional recognition and coping skills. Creates a social learning environment teach students turn taking abilities and conversation skills. Supports language development and vocabulary in young girls and boys. Improves Memory and fine motor skills. Builds self-awareness and interpersonal connections
  • CONTENT: Set of high graded laminated velcroed 24 emotion cards, I am Feeling wooden board, wooden hand, set of small velcored emotion cards
Launching by December 2023
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