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Dyslexia Kit

Dyslexia Kit


NerdNerdy PEC Kit - Picture Exchange Communication Kit Level 1/Speech Delays/Autism Toys/Visual Schedule Weekly Planner/Sensory Toys/Speech Therapy/Flash Cards/ABA Therapy/Occupational Therapy


  • PEC BOOK: 325+Velcroed Vocabulary cards on different topics-School,Toilet Training, Neighbourhood, Food items etc
  • DAILY & WEEKLY PLANNER WOODEN BOARD: Consists of wooden board to use cards to structure the schedule for children (very effective for children diagnosed with ASD)cards increases the engagement level of the child, can be played as family game, covers most of the vocabulary related to day to day things
  • BEHAVIOR MODIFCIATION WOODEN BOARD: Kit includes Behavior Modification baord which can be used as a reinforcer board for children
  • TRAINING VIDEO BY REHABILITATION EXPERTS: Scan the QR code printed on the PEC Book to learn different ways of using PEC KIT and teaching multiple cognitive skills to children.
  • SENSORY CARDS: Set of ringed sensory cards is included in the kit
  • I WANT CARDS: Set of ringed I WANT CRADS are included in the kit
  • COUNTRY/REGION WISE CUSTOMIZATION: Our PEC KIT is Customized for the specific country or Region, thus the PEC cards are more relatable for children. PEC kit for USA & PEC kit for INDIA, PEC KIT FOR UAE
Launching by December 2023
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