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The Synchronicity-November 2022 Forecast

Howdy my tribe? What's been happening? Tell me everything I should be knowing. I just know so much good has come your way post eclipse season. Did I not say everything will be worth the emotional turmoil we went through?

Manifestations are just pouring in and how?! I see justice being served where you felt wronged, neglected and manipulated. Accept all the good humbly because this is also a part of the growth. Let the ego fly back to the ones who thought they were reigning the scenes.

This beautiful post eclipse time has shown us who has done the inner work and who hasn't. Were you quiet about it? Were you wanting to go with the armors in the war zone? Things you need to analyze this month to see how far you have come. See the happy faces around you because these are the ones who will be a part of your journey forward.

Between October 25, 2022 and November 8, 2022; we shall be closing cycles with the ones who won't be enhancing our growth in our next chapters of our lives. November 8, 2022 is the Lunar Eclipse and we will mark the finishing point of our cycle in a lot of karmic relationships. Wish the situations and people well associated in any realm with you and let them go.

There are some new relationships on horizon. You may have come across new people already that would feel like Sunshine and Sunflower. What a beautiful feeling it has been or it will be. Trust me and trust the process. Reach out to the ones you have been wanting to as they have forgiven you for their own growth. Past has no effect in this new time field that we are in. Nothing can kill the vibration of you my geniuses.

'Inhale the future, exhale the past."

Good travel moments for work or for relocation are setting in as old karmic land contracts are ending. We all need to move forward to catch where abundance lies.

This month definitely will give us some dizzy and floaty moments giving us a different dimension perception of where are we? We are right here, the way we need to be and all happy. I won't be telling you geniuses do self work this month and put yourself through rigorous efforts. Because this month is for you to be in a laid back energy. Embrace the changes with a smile that you deserve as this is what I have prayed for all of you.

November 8, 2022 is the Full Beaver Moon and it's building that beautiful mystery already. Meditate a lot this time so you can manifest your desires from this space of void. Magic happens in the unknown.

"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."- Roald Dahl

I will leave you with a bit of a cryptic message this month- shed the layers that will keep you away from the happiness that belonged to you. Don't be harsh on yourself. You are entitled to your self worth and what makes you happy doesn't necessarily need to justify with the paradigms set by your own conditioning. You will need to collaborate this in the current timeline. Grab what you need to!

So much power and strength and just positivity to all of you! Oh! And some magic dust too! \

The beauty, the enchantment and the captivating feel of being just our happy selves is right here on your laps geniuses.

Enjoy November and a Big Hello to it! We won't be rolling over this time but we will be embracing the magical moments. So long, So More!


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