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The Reignition- October 2022 Forecast

Oh Hello My Tribe and Hola October! We crawled, we dragged, we slithered and finally we ran out of Mercury Retrograde on October 2, 2022. Let's not even get there how intense it was. Better have kept those emotions under check.

I was so keeping away from technology that's why the blog is wee bit late this time around. Guess I really was reignited!

Let's get to business leaving all our energy drains behind. Now we are fully recharged and REIGNITED. No matter how complicated it was, we still reignited. We are the Phoenix now.

The heaviness should start subsiding October 4, 2022 onwards. We will be reminded of all the power back moments.

Till around October 16, 2022 will bring about a lot of breakthroughs and manipulative tactics of people who have been at it for the last 6 to 7 months. The truths that were hidden especially in relationships will come out. Let it come and don't fear it. We cannot go on to our next phase of journey with people who don't match our individual vibrational frequencies. Wish them well and let them go. Consider this as the harbinger to your growth.

Do not make any important decisions till October 15, 2022.

This month is all about being straight forward and no poker face mode. It will be said as it is and it will be as it is. If you were holding on to ego all this while, the growth will be limited. But, if you quantified and amplified situations as per your self enhancement you will be rewarded. Applaud yourself and pat your back.

There will be a whirlwind of new emotions to be invested in and at the right places. Savor yourself for those. We will get automatic downloads in order to be mindful who we want to invest our time and resources with. I promise you your intuition won't be putting you down.

October 9, 2022 is the Hunter's full moon. Chant WOLF MAGIC BEGIN NOW and see what you desire come to you. Desire things that are good for your alignment and ethical for the good of you and others. There is a high emphasis on meditation, mantra chanting and affirmations. October 10, 2022 is my favorite 10/10 portal that brings so many changes and fruits of our manifestation into physical reality. Can't wait to hear all your success stories too. Miracles don't need to surprise us anymore. We are a magnet to them, right geniuses? Fun and amplified intense times coming after a long time with all the positive changes.

Work will be moving forward leaps and bounds but do maintain a little low key. We may experience some fire energies with the eclipse season on October 25, 2022. Keep it cool my ones!

October 2022 is a lot about festivities and family bonding time for those who come from Indian sub-continent. We will be celebrating Karwa Chauth to honor our love for the ones we are destined with. Happy Karwa Chauth to the women fasting or not fasting. May your love and respect shine and may your good karma get stronger.

October 25, 2022 is the favorite time of the year for Indians celebrating Diwali. Happy Diwali to your families.

"To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are."- Roy T. Bennett

All in all, a feel good month. What's meant to fall will fall in this fall. And you know what my tribe? You will be loving it.

So do we all feel good coz I sure am soaring high.

I want to thank you for all the love you have been sending my way for my new projects. You keep me going time after time. What more do I want?

Lot of Love and Light your way!

As always I have your back through everything!


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