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The Detox-July 2022 Forecast

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Whoops my tribe! I know, I know it's been intense emotions last few days leading to July 2022. Didn't I say energies will hit us bits and bobs? There is definitely a bit of sickness and energy drains happening. But, I know you all are rolling and riding through.

Shalom my tribe and welcome to the Month of Detox. We will be having some heavy purge of emotions till July 10, 2022. It has to be right? We have finally paved our ways and chosen our path. There will be a sense of feeling that you are taking a step forward and ten backwards. I am here to remind you your one step forward equals 20 steps forward this month. Indeed a high frequency month!

In this process, get ready to make some life transforming alterations in your environment. Maybe that's why Universe gave us a bit of breather in June so we prepare ourselves for the hard work. The stalled projects will start moving forward.

Past traumas will be coming to be resolved and will show in different ways. Let it come and let it banish itself. We are the Knights in shining armors and completely unassailable.

The real tendencies of people manipulating us will finally be exposed physically. You will automatically be guided to keep away if you are not matching that frequency. Don't be part of show downs. The show must go on for some; but would you like to be a character in it or an audience. It's good to eschew the drama for your own sanctity. Choice is yours geniuses. It's time to keep low key and focus on your personal growth.

July 2022 is all about meditating, being grounded, reading and maybe being a monotonous.

"When the chord of monotony is stretched to its tightest, it breaks with the sound of a song."- Gilbert K Chesterton

On July 15, 2022 Moon and Saturn align- So keep that Karma clean my tribe. You may have occasional burnouts especially if you are into spiritual practices. July 13, 2022 is our Full Moon. Again a lot of releases with good manifestations coming through. Wash the crystals and meditate. July 28, 2022 is the New moon. Another opportunity to create new intentions and gravitate towards the new you.

Move towards the higher number Point O you all. ✊

Heal yourself, detox a little by little and grow yourself. Let the pixie dust do it's magic in this space.


I look forward to seeing the glowing you next month. Reach out to me and tell me what is it that you are detoxing and wanting to detox. You know I got your back.

Stay safe and stay grounded.


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