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September 2023 Forecast - Break Free

Oh! Hello My Tribe! I am here, right here. Apologies for the delay. It's been a chaotic first week for me.

So, what happened just in August? Let's just say one of the most dramatic months is behind us. But the good thing is that those overnight perception shifts are making us so in with it in September.

Welcome September with a new month, new story.

This month is also a relationship focused month. The real essence of friendships, old bonds showing their actual worth have surfaced up. So much of heart-to-heart talks will take over most of us this month. The conversations will flow in a jaunty mind set.

You will start finding peace in hopeless and unconventional places.

I can bet on it that you took mental notes of the way people were behaving between July and August 2023. Without much effort and a much ado about nothing you will just not want to associate with situations that have unexpectedly hurt you in August 2023.

Moments of self-reflection and silences will come naturally. Ancestral and generational negativity is clearing out with our entire solar system going in retrograde. Thank god for Earth at times. There are many who will be feeling left out or not a part of crowd. The ones who did you wrong. Don't hold grudges and wish them well that they start their progressive journeys. If you have felt stupid and manipulated, please don't victimize yourself. You are a pure being with lessons to learn.

Work will be good for the ones making a difference and keeping their intentions pure.

Before September 15, 2023; all the lies to yourself won't be hidden. Also, the day of the New Moon. That touch of newness is a much-needed thing now. You will even stop justifying and taking onus of draining behaviors of others. Certain friendships may fall apart and certain will rise. Make new soul contracts so you can gravitate towards your vibrations year after year and life after life. September is teaching you how to live in the moment.

And all of this is just Breaking Free from our own self-imposed and traumatic shackles.

"Sometimes you have to lose yourself to discover who you might yet be. Sometimes what feels like breaking down is really just breaking free."- Cristen Rodgers

September 18 will be a very heightened time for relationships as Venus will be shining the brightest. Our favorite planet of love will stir some good changes. September 22 is the lovely equinox. Seasons are changing and so will you. September 29 is the full moon. Make sure you meditate and manifest with the equinox energies too.

The last 5 days of the month will feel a bit like chute-the-chute and a big dipper. The price we pay just for happiness isn't much usually. We will get through it together.

Moments of numbness and being floaty will come in order to set the new belief systems.

When I look back of the past two months; all of us have grown so much more than in the last few years. Those epiphanies, synchronicities, serendipities with the magic of pixie dust helped us to create the magic.

Free and how; you might as well a bow!

Love and light and freedom


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