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October 2023 Forecast - The Falling

Shalom my Geniuses! Been quite a ride with the retrograde season ainnit? The devastations, the earth moving events and not to forget the hurricanes caused around us. All a passe!

Time for all of you to get into " It is what it is" mode here on. No more explanations or justifications needed. The unsettled energies that have carried with us from September will settle in this month. Claps for the breather.

This month is for sure to see some forward movements and momentum in stalled projects and endeavors.

You will experience a feeling of knowing it all. Call it your gut instinct, third eye, sixth sense, intuition; what's in a name? There will be an anomaly in the way you think from the previous month. Kudos! You have grown and I am proud of you.

The focus will be hard on the important things that are imperative for your and your family's growth. If you are still unable to navigate that please do some inner work. Link up with healers and therapists to help you navigate your shadow side.

The retrograde season showed us a lot about people and brought hidden things to surface. Now, let me welcome you to the Season 2- The Eclipse Season! I know it's a feeling of being in some supernatural series :) So, the eclipse season will help us release the chord of the draining energies of people that have been highlighted so far. By people I mean situations and circumstances.

There will be a slight lull before the eclipse and you might see a bit of chaos during the times. But, "hey, it is what it is."

October 2023 will bring in vivid dreams, feeling lazy, sleepless, feeling hungry and restless nights. All the universe is doing is changing your DNA. Take that gift with all the gratitude. The New Moon and annual solar eclipse is on October 14, 2023. Keep your energies in check. Do not fly high and do not get into arguments. The partial lunar eclipse is on October 28/29 and our very own Full Moon is on October 28. This moon we won't charge crystals. It's time to sit back and meditate. Let the eclipses do their thing for us. Trust the process as the process knows you are trusting it. October 6/7 will witness some heavy meteor showers marking intense energies.

Alot of synchronicities paving the way for 2024 is happening this October for you, for me and for us. October is a final good bye to past traumas, victim mentality and patterns that don't serve anymore; provided you have been doing your inner work.

And now it's all "FALLING" into place.

"Believe in your fall. It's paving a new way for your climb."- Angie Wetland-Crossby

I am there to catch you if you fall because it's time for the rising soon.

We are making it through. Be at it. Let this not be ECLIPSE OF CONSCIOUSNESS!

Love and Light


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