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November 2023 Forecast - The Recovery

How are you all doing Geniuses? We made it through the between eclipse time. I feel how draining it was and the feeling of void. But doesn't life happen in the void. The mysteries and epiphanies in the unknown.

The rigmarole of draining energies will finally reach it's end by November 11, 2023. I would suggest keeping your workload low and easy till then.

This month is important because the changes we wish to see in our life in January 2024; the foundations are being built for you now. The rewards of the pain are around the corner. The exhaustion and the tiredness you went through was not palaver.

The work, strategies and situations that won't do you good in 2024 are being put away. Alot of mundane issues are being resolved by this month. It was getting monotonous with the humdrum that had settled in post solar eclipse.

After the injury and facing those wounds, comes out the theme of the Month of November.

"Recovery is not for people who need it; it's for people who want it."- Unknown

The animus towards few people will be coming to a surface level. Let go else it's nothing but a quick sand. Relationships will get the best of you and will find a solid footing. Don't hang on to what could, would and should. If it could have, it would have and should have. Seize your power with dignity.

November 13, 2023 is the New Moon. Make those new intents of peace within and outside. Please by all means embrace the newness of the new. November 27, 2023 is the Full Moon that will come with some anxieties and lack of sleep. All a process of spiritual healing.

This month will see some body aches and a feeling of heaviness in physical bodies. But, then again nothing equates the pain we are seeing in the world today.

I know the last few days have been cathartic for us with what's happening in the world around us. One thing I am learning; diplomacy won't win for too long. We need to take our stand. And that's the learning we need to imbibe in our daily lives.

Alot of clarity and pellucid thoughts are coming your way this month.

This month is the Month of Light for those celebrating Diwali. Let all the light penetrate through the darkness and may peace prevail. Diwali this year is all about praying hard for justice and to end the suffering of people and those innocent children. Breathe in the light and breathe out the darkness.

I wish you well. I wish the world heals. I wish we are all united.

Love and Light


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