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March 2023 Forecast - The Unknown

Let's start with breathing out a sigh of relief to come out of the intense energies at the onset of Pisces season. A good amount of pressurized energies are being released. Hope you are coping well my tribe. Welcome to the month of spiritual awakening if you have been doing some introspection.

Winter surely is turning to Spring. This month will bring some magical insights, unexpected blockage removals and lots of little synchronicities. Nothing is a coincidence ever. But, synchronicities are coincidences with a meaning that have a very good impact on us. Being cryptic am I? Put faith over perspective this March and see how you ride along well.

How hard were the last two months? Take cognizance of it and quantify your wish fulfillment proportionally. That's the amount of magic coming your way. It's all happening and how. We all will be blessed this month in some way or another. Do share with me what that gift was be it physical, emotional or spiritual. Nothing is more powerful than seeing quantum realities shift for all of us. Just learn to wait and receive.

" Dare to step into the unknown-that's where all the magic happens. - Diana Vehuni

There is a whole lot of abundance around the corner. I am talking money, money and the mean greens. It's always a good side to have to keep us motivated because earthly desires are enlightenment. There will be some good inflows this month. Hold gratitude and stay humble.

I am sure all of you witnessed the kiss of Venus and Jupiter recently. When love and miracles collide, I call it the unknown territory of mysticism that accelerates our growth. This period till March 9, 2023 can be a little dramatic. What you liked before may not resonate with you now. Who you trusted before may not vibe well with you now. What you were holding back before may want to leave you now. Let it crash and let it flow!

If you feel like telling someone something, go ahead. It's good to express the good, the bad and the ugly. Or it could be as simple as I CAN BUT I DON'T WANT TO. If you have been thinking about someone or a particular situation; reach out to it. Express what your heart truly feels.

" What you seek is seeking you."- RUMI

It's a good period of newness and a good place to learn something new. Disappear for a bit and work on your goals and growth. Start connecting with like minded people. It will set the theme for the rest of the year.

March 7, 2023 is our very own favorite Full Moon and it's coming in a big way with a shift happening. Expect long standing issues to be resolved if not physically but in a mental space. March 21, 2023 is the New Moon. Make those new intents. Remember what you can imagine can become your reality. Pisces season can be fluid and watery. Keep your emotions in check. Let the tears flow out if they need to. If we can smile, we can cry too. Feel what you need to and act on what's necessary. You are geniuses and you will handle it well.

Be present, be alive and be love in this mindset change month.

Love, light and continue designing the life you need in your sight.

Wish you well always my tribe!


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