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June 2023 Forecast- The Embracement

Shalom you all! Welcome to the heaty summer! We are finally out of the shadow period of Mercury Retrograde and isn't it such a blessing always?

Communication should flow easily, and this is definitely a good time to address what's been bothering you the last few days.

The common theme for May & June is that these months are bringing in surprises with a lot of AHA! moments. In these months, we are breaking the shackles of our age-old belief systems. A few of you will realize that your happiness lies in unconventional approaches. Without a guilt and without a shame choose the Act of Embracement. From this space happiness is usually created. EMBRACE ALL THAT IS YOU.

So many of us will be rewarded in terms of new work, new relationships and new support systems. New energies are needed to see those salient changes in our physical world.

The energy shifts are building for the full moon on June 3, 2023. Have you been holding back or feeling confused about certain situations? This will be a good time to get clarity. If universe has put you on a path, it surely is right for you. Don't question it but live in the answer of it for now. If there is something you need to convey to someone for your own good DO IT NOW. It's time to shift those karmic tendencies and go for what is bringing you peace. Just own who you are and you won't regret it. This is a strong message for June 2023 as it will be paving the way for the year ahead.

I feel like using one of my most favorite quotes this month:

"Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field; I'll meet you there."- RUMI

You may experience physical symptoms as anxiety, gut issues and stomach problems. It's all a part of letting go. Rest well and don't let fear and trepidation take over you.

June 18, 2023 is the new moon. New moon rituals are my favorite where new things are to be put forward for manifestations. Meditate and align yourself. Venus will be shining the brightest this month. Venus is full of love. Maybe there is love coming your way. Grab it; you might be the lucky one!

Feeling good this month will be in your court completely. Take it or throw it across the net. Choice is yours. But, don't be hard on yourself.

But, a little tippy here; you are sure to feel floaty and light- hearted.

Be happy my tribe and see you on the other side in July 2023. As always I got your back.

Smile and Shine


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