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July 2023 Forecast - The Positive Destruction

Yes I know! I feel it too. It has been super chaotic last few days. Feeling of being drained and exhausted all at once. Well Saturn coming out of Retrograde definitely needs a thwack. Some of the karmic situations are at bay for most of us now. If you followed mind over matter rule you are doing good.

We are starting this month with a Full Supermoon on July 3. Another reason where energies are building up. Please take some time to meditate on the Full Moon night. This Full Moon also happens to be Guru Purnima.

"In whosever presence you find peace of mind, devoid of fear, only that person can be your guru."- Illaiyaraaja

This time I won't be diplomatic or cosset you my darlings. July is an intensified month with emphasis on vulnerability and more so acceptance of that vulnerability. Please stop withdrawing yourself if you were trying to; from certain situations or people. Because, even if you do, cosmic energies are at their major play. Nothing will stop what's coming for you for your highest good.

There will be a bit of light heartedness for a few days after July 10. July 18 is the new moon where you must set your new intents with the new you that has been shaping last two months.

However, my favorite planet; Planet of Love - Venus goes retrograde July 22 onwards. A rock-solid focus on relationships will happen this month. You may feel the need to tell people whatever you have been wanting to. Relationships of every sort will need your attention. The ones specially you thought were floaty will be of the most essence to you. What do you plan to do about it? Let it play out in your head and heart and let things happen naturally. Do not control the outcome.

Venus gets ego clashes and conflicts. Past insecurities and fears will arise. There will be a realignment needed. Make the ones who are seeming important to you feel secure and embrace their vulnerabilities. Analyze where your attention has been shifting; positive or negative. Is there anyone who has given you support and hope in the last few months since the theme of realignment started? Have you told them that they are special?

This month is all set to shake up love as we know it. People who wronged you will watch the show.

" You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back."- Barbara De Angelis

Which way, which way? This is where the Positive Destruction is setting in.

"You can't break someone who found strength in their own destruction."

It will fall into place.

Do some heart chakra meditations and heart coherence techniques. Our heart knows the answers more than our brain does.

Time to fight that flow my tribe. We will go through this together.

Stay happy and let your wit help you through it. Connect with the healers and therapists to keep you going.

As always I got your back!

Love, light and Shine


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