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February 2024 Forecast- The Game Changer

We just had to pass by January 2024. Umm, not pass by but the ride was jaggy. Shalom my Tribe! Welcome to the month of love with that extra day this February 2024.

We are entering this month with a bit of a lull and a feeling of a void till February 5, 2024. There are energetic shifts happening in the collective. How would they relate to you is that what was acceptable to you won't be anymore.

We will be experiencing a period of heavy and intense emotions between February 8-17. Downward spiral effect? Oh no! Just an acceleration of our goals towards higher vibrations.

A little tippie here- keep away from the drama and other's needs. Situations might feel a wee bit chaotic and tempestuous in processing other's needs until the February 25. JUST DO YOU! Remember this gem of wisdom for this month. Don't go around pushing the wrong buttons this time around. Not being cryptic rather direct here.

For those of you experiencing certain back logs or dead ends at work; things will turn for the better around February 19 and 20.

This month will show us moments of serendipity and that was on hold shall resolve.

The lyrical notes of Game Changer by Shadow Island are ringing in my ears:

I'm a game changer

I'm a dream maker

I'm a rule shaper

I'm a earth shaker

Imma stand in front

Not going down

'Cause it's the battle of my life

And I ain't giving up.

We definitely can't deny what we need. We just have to be stubborn to achieve it.

Be wise with your choices as what you will be choosing you will be sticking on with for the rest of 2024. Voila! That's why a game changer of a month geniuses.

"If you are losing at a game, change the game."- Gregory Benford

The new moon on February 10, 2024 will bring some sleepless nights urging you to shift the dynamincs. February 24, 2024 is the full moon. Charge your crystals, let go and manifest hard.

The good news is all planets are direct till April 1, 2024. Grow as much as you may please without being apologetic.

The old timers, the cliches and what so ever you may call it; this is definitely a month of love. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. Tell the ones who mean so much to you that you love them. Be it relations, friendships, work associates; we are all entangled in love and let's believe in that. And do not forget to love me a little more. It's your love that gives me the energy for you, to you through me.

A little bit of a pitstop, a little bit of high climb

Together the lessons we shall embibe!

Love and Light my tribe!


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