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December 2023 Forecast - The Revaluation

How are all of you doing my tribe? Feeling a little bleary from the tedious November? You have been doing good work all along; the rollover must have been easy :)

The much- hyped month of the year is finally here. There is always something about December isn't it?

As I am writing this we are in a chaotic shadow period of Mercury Retrograde. Embrace the chaotic energies till December 9, 2023. The notorious Mercury goes retrograde again for the last time this year between December 12, 2023 till January 1, 2024. We started this year with the retrograde and we are ending this year with this tempestuous one. Haven't we all become the masters of the backward free styling?

Use this time to brainstorm and avoid taking heavy decisions. Keep the complexities and the convolutions in your workplaces at bay. There will be changes coming through. Let them happen organically. Travel plans will materialize with certain delays. Avoid conflicts and being righteous for this month.

There will be some moments of reflection and revaluation of the year that is going by. I know this year didn't show us much in physical movements and shifts. However, there were massive energetic shifts and revelations. What more do we want? Maybe 2023 came to show us that there is beauty and bedlam in being standstill. We don't need to prey on always being on the go.

This is definitely a good month to revaluate certain relationships. Choose the ones who don't judge you. Connect with new group of people who will understand you. Find the known in the mysterious ones. There are new beginnings in relationships. Don't get carried away by the faceted emotions resurfacing from the past. I know you will do this well geniuses.

Between December 15-18, there will be an influx of energies. May cause some tiredness and sleepless nights. Pray and meditate or journal. Do what makes you happy. The New Moon along with Mercury Retrograde starting is on December 12. Make new intents for the coming year. Out with the new please :) Full Moon is on December 26, 2023 that will bring some serendipity and epiphanies. Embrace this Christmas gift with all your heart.

And it's going to be jingle time with the mulled wines, sounds of harps, whispers of angels, wishing on the mistletoe and swaying to Christmas carols. Merry Merry geniuses! You deserve all the good time for what you have withstood this year.

Clocks will turn to the New Year. I won't be corny and tell you new hopes, new desires and new you. What I will say get a sense of newness to the old you. Get a sense of freedom where you feel bondage. We need to go with certain things forward in the New Year even if we don't want to. Bring in the new mindset.

The ones living in fear; I will see you on the other side with love.

The ones who feel hopeless; I will see you on the other side with a ray of sunshine.

The ones who feel powerless; I will see you on the other side with a chord of strength.

The ones who can't express; I will see you on the other side with scribbles on a paper.

The ones who can't prioritize themselves; I will see you on the other side with a banner of love.

And those who can't do nothing; I will see you on the other side with everything.

I thank you for all the love, the trust and the faith you have vested in me. Thanks to your love we have come with new projects for Dubai and Malaysia. All I have is gratitude for all of you and my prayers are always with you. Straight from my soul to your heart; may there be abundance in your life.

Wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! Enjoy the drinks and the bling. And we will meet in 2024!



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