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August 2023 Forecast - The Arrival

Shalom! Shalom my tribe! How goes it? Finally, July has July"end"ed!

Well, I told you it wouldn't be easy. The growth came with a tad bit of tedium. But now I am also telling you that the situations, emotions and circumstances have all played their part to lead us to this number 8th month. I will always call August a Karma cleansing month.

There will be very intense perception shifts in many areas of your life. What is meant for you will be shown and how. It may come with a bit of a struggle. You will be forced out of your comfort zone and your usual patterns to get what you truly yearn for. Your desires will be unusual this time around. And you know what, you would want it. There is a sense of excitement brewing for the unknown. Being cryptic this time again, am I? Well, geniuses we know each other better now. So, hear me the way you want!

We are starting this month with a Full SuperMoon. It's bound to magnify those intense emotions that you are experiencing. "Embrace your phases just like the moon." We are also ending this month with a Full Moon on August 30, 2023. The beginning and the end and you are in between. What should you do? I say time to make those changes and go for what you want. We are already in the opening of Lion's Gate Portal- the famous one! It's my most favorite one for manifestation. I am already loving the energies.

We are also in middle of Venus Retrograde. Hence, the primary focus will be relationships. There has been a strong sense of mind over matter all this while. However, heart is taking full control. Whatever is in your heart please go by it. It will not lead you astray. Say it, express it and feel it.

Certain people from the past may pay a visit. Bid them farewell! Remember they belong in the past for certain reasons. There is absolutely no need to entertain stagnant energies.

This month is definitely not a lull moment month. The ennui of the painful cycles and the cathartic processes are at bay. So, ride on my geniuses.

Go for this and then you will come to a point of ARRIVAL. Arrival of who you are and arrival of what you want.

"Arrival in the world is really a departure and that, which we call departure, is only a return."- Dejan Stojanovic

There will be an influx of energies around August 22, 2023. This is exactly what will be the catalyst of the changes that have been stirring. The variations and the shifts are needed and you ought to embrace it.

All in all August is a mixed bag of the heaviness and the light heartedness. It will bring the inexplicable moments, the incomprehensible situations and the intangible victories. Is there more you want, my tribe?

Embrace the fun rollercoaster of life that makes heart sink time to time but with those jolts of screams and laughter. Because, it's all fun. In a nutshell this is what August is. And yes you will get what you want.

As always got your back and this time with a lot of laurels.

Love and Light


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