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April 2023 Forecast - The Recovery

A little bit of jumpy, a little bit of excitement and a whole lot of positivity welcomes you. That's how April is welcoming you all my tribe! Hope you have recovered from the watery March!

The hope, the zest and new beginnings are always exciting. The synchronicities have started to play out and how?! The book, the words, the music, the lyrics, the dreams and the encounters have been guiding us to where we need to be. And it will be the place for our highest good.

All the forces are aligning with the April Full Moon on April 6, 2023 to bring that justice you deserve. Moments of relief and succour are coming around in certain situations. The help and support you desired is coming through. My advice to you all Geniuses is - Surrender the outcomes and enjoy the journey. You will definitely get what you deserve and what you need.

Woah! This is definitely a beautiful month of Reconciliation that is finally leading up to a RECOVERY! Hell yeah! We needed this after the taxing first 3 months.

" Recovery is about progression not perfection." - Unknown

There will be massive shifts in work routines and the way you are operating. A lot of you shall be embarking on new relationships with that old spice. Certain things are just meant to be and that's what April will show us. Try being light - hearted, dreamy eyed and a lot more flowy. April will be yours to conquer then.

Guess what? That time is coming again - our Oh! So famous and notorious Mercury Retrograde from April 21- May 23. Heads up Geniuses! Keep those conversations in check, be safe with technology and travel. Let the relations not serving you disappear into thin air. The chaos with no planets in retrograde this time was a silent one. The New Moon comes around April 20, 2023. So, the energies with Mercury going retrograde can be a bit overwhelming. Meditate, breathe easy, do heart coherence and keep the emotions in check.

Enjoy the epiphanies and be joyous. You are exactly where you need to be and moving towards where you need to be again.

So much love and bliss your way! Create sunshine in your own lives.

Love & Light


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