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Vocabulary Kit (Level - 1)

Vocabulary Kit (Level - 1)


NERDNERDY® English Vocabulary Kit (Level - 1) for preschool children/ picture flash cards / velcroed cards on day to day topics / includes tracking rubric/language development cards / action word flash cards for kids /language therapy toys/action cards/kids expression cards/verb flash cards for kids/educational kit for kids 5 years/flash cards for vocabulary building


  • Velcroed Vocabulary Book- Spiral bound, velcroed vocabulary picture cutouts
  • Hands On- Velcroed cards increases the engagement level of the child, can be played as family game, covers most of the vocabulary related to day to day things
  • Record form- Help parent to mark the vocabulary child has learnt and the vocabulary that he/she can be introduced
  • Training Videos- The kit comes with Training videos curated by child development experts , to use the kit in multiple ways to enhance early reading skills using the kit
  • Vocabulary Categories:- School, Home Utilities, Personal Care, Toilet Ettiquete, Neighbourhood Places, and more
Launching by December 2023
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