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December 2022 Forecast- The Receiving

Dum Dee Dum Dee Dum Dum

December has come come!

Shalom My Tribe! I can't believe we are at the end of 2022! Really, huh, what happened, where did it all go? We rolled, we grew, we healed and now we have arrived.

Let's take a moment to reflect. How can Aneesha not make you do some inner work? Where was the growth is the question I ask you? For example, mine was to come out of subtle patterns of codependency and validation. Also realizing, we cannot help people who don't want to help themselves. There needs to be no remorse in leaving those situations. My journey is my own. When we vibrate higher, you see the world through different lenses and not stain colored glasses.

As I write this, we are right in the middle of Antares Galactic Portal opening up from December 2-4. Antares is a sacred 15th star that is good for activating our heart chakra and unlocking our higher wisdom to love. Love is giving and receiving and love is what should define us. This is a good time for you to do heart coherent meditations to align yourself with the true vibration of love.

December 7, 2022 is the Cold December Full Moon. I usually encourage you to manifest your desires. But, this time I encourage you to journal some gratitude for the year that was. Because being the Santa month, we will definitely get rewarded this month already only if you did your inner work and kept your intentions clean.

On December 12, 12/12 portal opens up where manifestations will be coming through. Truth shall be realized in many onerous situations. Justice will come on a platter if it hasn't already. Many toxic players are not able to keep up the front. Maybe you don't need to confront as well. As long as you are aware, let the good shine within from you.

Don't feel bad for outgrowing people who had the chance to grow with you.

We may experience periods of frustrations and doubts between December 14 and December 18. This will arise due to the regrets of treating some situations and people in an unfair manner. Or perhaps feeling of being treated unfair. Feel what you need to. Learn to use your emotions to think, not think with your emotions always. If you feel your wings were broken, don't forget you have the claws as well.

Forgive the ones who said sorry. More so, forgive the ones who couldn't apologize. They need more healing and compassion.

New people are slowly entering our energy fields. Some will be good partnerships, friendships or soul connections. Rewards for letting go off toxic situations is always many. Trust me on that!

Things have been changing for the good. We will regain trust in certain situations. Hermit modes of this year will bring in the clarity around Winter solistice December 22, 2022. A feel good time.

And it's going to be a jingle time with the mulled wines, sounds of harps, whispers of angels, wishing on the mistletoe and swaying to the Christmas carols. Merry Merry geniuses! You deserve all the good times for what you have withstood this year.

Clocks will turn to the New Year. I won't be corny here and tell you new hopes, new desires and new you. What I will say get a sense of newness to the old you. Get a sense of freedom to where you feel bond aged. Lets be crystal clear we have to take certain things forward in the New Year even if we don't want to. But, why not find a solution this year? Why not evolve our mind sets?

The ones living in fear, I will see you on the other side with love.

The ones who feel hopeless, I will see you on the other side with a ray of sunshine.

The ones who feel powerless, I will see you on the other side with a chord of strength.

The ones who can't express, I will see you on the other side with scribbles on a paper.

The ones who deprioritize themselves, I will see you on the other side with a banner of self love.

And those who can't do nothing, I will see you on the other side with everything.

I thank you for all the love, the trust and the support you have given Aneeshaforsleeptalk and Lotus Within. You are all my Santas and I am blessed. With all your blessings I have opened my office in Malaysia now. We will have many more programs to heal your life.

You and I will go on year after year unconditionally with love and strength. I wish you well and I have your back always.

Bring that glitter and all that jazz this month because we are getting into serious stuff in the coming year.

Stay well and stay safe.



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